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Mediterranean Island Railways
207 pages, with pages 128 to 147 about Corsica, and a few pictures.
Author : P.M. Kalla-Bishop, collection : Railway Histories of the World, editor : David & Charles, 1970, n° 7153 4761 6

A mistake in this book : Renault railcars are diesel-mechanical (and not electric).

American edition of the same book :
Mediterranean Island Railroads, Drake editor, 1972, ISBN : 87749-145-3


The railways of Corsica, a 28 page booklet, with pictures
ISBN 0 9528881 2 2

By Wilfrid F. Simms. Contact with author : "Sea Gate" 81 Sea Avenue, Rustington,West Sussex, BN16 2DR


A contrast in Islands : the narrow gauge railways of Corsica and Sardinia, a 264 page book,
with a lot of pictures. ISBN 1 871980 50 X
By W.J.K. Davies, Plateway Press, Taverner House, Harling Road, East Harling, Norfolk, NR16 2QR, England
contact :

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