Le JOURNAL du Chemin de Fer

N° 168 de mars - avril 2009


Reconditionnement de locos pour la Corse.
En fait en 2010, seule 1 loco est arrivée, car l'entreprise a fait faillite. Et la loco ne donne pas entièrement satisfaction.
This texte explains that in Belgium at Raeren, the company Rails & Tractions, is building 2 new locos for the Corsican railway, with former shunters used by the Speno company in a grind train. They change the gauge, from normal to metric. They adapt the loco for passenger and goods traffic. They refurbish also 2 power vans for Corsica. Actually in 2010 only 1 loco is in Corsica, because of the bankruptcy of the company; And the loco has technical problems.